Do you have some paper and glue? That’s enough to get started making a skin for ROBO 1010.

Paper? Really?

ROBO 1010 is an inexpensive and modular robotics platform comprised of a skeleton, hardware (nuts & bolts), skins, and some electronics. And yes… paper is a great way to start – isn’t ROBO cute?

You will eventually need to construct a rigid skeleton, which can be 3D printed, laser-cut, or fabricated out of solid materials. We’ve prepared a series of plans / templates and put them in a repository for reference. If you’re really ambitious you could have services like Shapeways, Ponoko, or Spikenzie Labs make them for you.

Hardware is easy – a handful of standard M3 screws/nuts and some aluminum screw posts will get the job done. Oh… and you’ll need something heavy to put in his shoes. You could use washers from Home Depot or Lowes, fine gravel, or plaster d’ paris.

If you decide to use paper to skin ROBO, the thicker the better. You could also try plastic, popsicle sticks, fur… or combinations of them all – start with a medium that you feel comfortable with.

Electronics aren’t required… but they sure do add a lot to a ROBO. We’ve done a lot of research and found a servo controller and some great low-cost ‘starter’ servos or you can go with something with a little more torque that fits into the same space.  Just remember that you’re going to have to select a power supply that can drive everything you put into your ROBO: blinking eyes, temperature sensors, buzzers, text-to-speech modules, spark-gap ignitors, transducers, etc.



The brainz behind the brawn is an Arduino Micro teamed with an easyRadio on a specialized carrier board that keeps soldering to a bare-minimum.


Let us know if you would like to use ROBO1010 in your curriculum!


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